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Original Title: The Great British Bake Off
Channel: BBC One,BBC Two
Language: English
Description: Events of historical television series taking place in a small English town in the middle of the 14th century. Is about to start a war with France because of the fact that the British royal family is trying to lay claim to the French throne. In Europe, and then start outbreak of the plague - people are dying by the thousands, not even the hope of salvation. Against this background, developing the story of the main characters of the series "Infinite World" - inhabitants of Kingsbridge, which struck the rumors of the recent death of their king. Rumor has it that the king died under rather mysterious circumstances, but to prove it still has not been able to. Users breath after the civil war, resulting in their affairs in order and establishing the economic condition of the city, not even knowing that very soon will come to their country, "the old woman with a scythe." Viceroy in Kingsbridge been notified of the possible disturbances due to the beginning of the plague and conflicts with the French, if he can keep his faithful subjects?

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