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Original Title: Power Rangers
Channel: ABC,Nickelodeon,ABC Family,Toon Disney,Fox Kids
Creators: Haim Saban,Shuki Levy
Language: English
Description: This day at the police station did not bode nothing special. Officer Hazel Micallef (Susan Sarandon) to deal with the routine and periodically check whether it was possible to call one of her familiar old lady that morning not to answer the phone. As a result, postponing the case, she decides to visit an elderly woman, and along with a coffee drink. Unlocked the door, dead silence in the hall, and the body in the chair, frozen in an unnatural position with distorted from crying mouth - and the day immediately ceased to be ordinary. Proceedings of similar killings immediately increased the importance of the incident. In the district wielding maniac. And he clearly leaves messages. In keeping with its vocation to serve and protect, a woman boldly engaged in a confrontation with a psychopath, who imagines himself the finger of God. He knows no mercy for the elderly or for children and methodically goes to the goal. To stop it, you need to understand what he wants, but it's not so simple. Tense detective thriller "The Calling" can be viewed online.

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