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Original Title: Long Island Medium
Channel: TLC
Language: English
Description: Events exciting comedy series acquaint the audience with a rather unusual hero. Kevin Pakalioglu is unusual for two reasons. Firstly, because of his approach to life - he is a typical slacker who does not want to get a job and to weigh themselves adult concerns. Secondly, the guy has extraordinary abilities - he is able to see and communicate with the dead, which appear before him in the form of ghosts. At first it scared the man, but he quickly got used to his fate by taking the "rules of the game" - now he is dead in every way helps to end his earthly journey, performing all the necessary tasks. In this he occasionally helps the best friend of Rohypnol, which, unlike Kevin, still works - he sells drugs to local residents. From the first episode, we plunge into a fun and unique atmosphere that constantly accompanies the grief-medium. We see how he meets the ghost by the name of Daniel, who died during the Second World War. He still has not resumed his "heavenly way" for the reason that died a virgin. While Daniel will not have sex, he can not leave Earth. To solve the problem of the "client", Kevin would have to let him into her body, allowing to have sex with earthly love ghost. The only problem is that Angela has long been an elderly old lady ...

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