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Original Title: Invasion
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Creators: Shaun Cassidy
Language: English
Description: Many of us, looking at the stars in the night sky, ask the same question"are we alone in the Universe"? Humanity so seek to detect other forms life, that sometimes loses about simple truth – and that, if they long themselves are watching us? Moreover, what if they have already settled among us?The series"Invasion" clearly demonstrates the fallacy of human opinion that he is the most intelligent creature in the Galaxy. The strongest hurricane that hit one of the small towns of Florida, brings with it not only destroyed houses and broken power lines. The daughter of a local Ranger after the elements subsided, notices in local waters strange lights, but no one pays attention to the imagination of the child. Residents begin to ask questions only after the police begin to detect in different parts of the city the bodies of dead citizens. On their bodies there are no signs of violent death, doctors can not understand what was the true cause of death and where these people disappeared.The series"Invasion", though based on the interesting idea of demonstrating alien life, more than one season he did not take. The audience only at the end of the 22nd series began to understand slightly what was happening, as the creators reported the closure of the project. Too bad it could be one of the most successful interpretations of an alien threat. So mysterious and so frightening.

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