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Original Title: Großstadtrevier
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ARD
Creators: Jürgen Roland
Description: Once again, we find ourselves in a small American town of Colorado. It may seem that the South Park, the most comfortable and relaxing place in the world, but it is not so - the locals always gets into some scrapes. Most often, this happens through the fault of the main characters of the animated series - four friends, among them the chief ringleader is Eric Cartman. And the first series 20 season will again revolve around this Fat Cat ... Someone begins to terrorize all local schoolgirls in the "Twitter" by sending in their address abusive messages, thus humiliating the whole female sex. All the girls believe that behind the nickname "Ohotnik_na_shalav_47" Eric is hiding, though he denies it. In protest at volleyball match girls arrange protests - sit on the floor, listening to the American national anthem. The next day it becomes a topic of discussion of the US Senate, after which officials decide to go to the house of JJ Abrams and persuade him to change the national anthem so that it re-unite people, not divide it. Meanwhile, Cartman decides to do everything possible to prove - he's not the cruel Internet troll ... For this purpose, the boy collects pupils in the gym, where only aggravates the situation with their strange talk.

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