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Original Title: Counting Cars
Channel: History,Atreseries,MEGA
Language: English
Description: Once Charlie Harper - confirmed bachelor and a real ladies' man - he lived alone in his luxury mansion in Malibu. Everything has changed many years ago after a divorce, Alan - ne'er brother Charlie - with his bitchy wife. Ex-wife sued not only their common home, but also made by Alan alimony payments. Since then, the remaining homeless Harper moved to Charlie, and both brothers had to find ways to get along with each other. While Charlie - a talented musician, writing songs for advertising - did not know the lack of money and the women's attention, his brother continued to fall into the most absurd situations and tried unsuccessfully to establish a personal life. Besides Alan in the house from time to time he appeared his ten-year-old son, Jake, conducting with his father on weekends and holidays. This guy - a real lucky, because his uncle nephew is ready to distribute free of charge many useful tips ... which, however, turn out to be the boy does not age.

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