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Action & # 8220; & # 8221 ;, in the liberty that is the name of the long-established dilapidated economy in the slaughterhouse in Munich. The guests are mostly butchers of the slaughterhouse. Paula, the owner of the wholesale market hall kiosk is forced by competitor to the task, but then leases the restaurant.    Awards    The highest distinction there was 1988/89 the Adolf Grimme Award in Silver for Franz Xaver Bogner writer and director and Ruth Drexel as Paula - representing the entire team of actors.    Characteristics of the series    The third program of the Bavarian television aired the series in early 1987 like this, as described here. The consequences were designed so that they were shown later in the evening programs of ADR in 44 episodes a 23 minutes.    The name of the consequences of the advertising block ARD 18:00 to 20:00 in 1987:    Episode 01: The Ring    Episode 02: The certain Eye    Episode 03: The deadlock    Episode 04: Clear fronts    Episode 05: Spring in winter    Episode 06: A special day    Episode 07: Heavy heritage    Episode 08: It's time    Episode 09: The reboiler    Episode 10: Heart and Mind    Episode 11: Up and down    Episode 12: Either & # 8211; Or    Episode 13: Merry Christmas    Episode 14: Higher Returns    Episode 15: Zenetti-Kid    Episode 16: mirage    Episode 17: Everything is predetermined    Episode 18: Finally grow    Episode 19: Zither rock and brass bands    Episode 20: Sore points    Episode 21: Rampage and love    Episode 22: As if by magic    Episode 23: The Contender    Episode 24: From unt drunt up    Episode 25: hard on hard    Episode 26: Where killing glances    Episode 27: The ghost of Las Vegas    Episode 28: The dream    Episode 29: ois was wias    Episode 30: The game of his life    Episode 31: Old Comrades    Episode 32: Brilliant fever    Episode 33: appearance or substance    Episode 34: Isarflimmern    Episode 35: The Ultimatum    Episode 36: Focus on coal    Episode 37: Money is no object    Episode 38: At the top    Episode 39: homesickness    Episode 40: Another woman    Episode 41: Fate    Episode 42: poetry and freedom    Episode 43: No!    Episode 44: Madame 100 percent