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Mini-series"Zombies from the road" harmoniously combines elements of Comedy, horror and melodrama. A group of American teenagers travelling to the river in order to swim, nazhratsya, well known asanimals youth classes. Behind the wheel they are not very experienced person, because during the way they move out on an unfamiliar road. This way is known for its curse, and all who die on it - reborn in bloodthirsty zombies.It just so happened that inattentive teenagers move in anything innocent squirrel, and now, reborn, zombie protein begins to hunt for the flesh of their murderers. Such a story may seem a little crazy, but the creators of this series managed to release a funny horror film, which is not terrible to watch, but the quality of filming and special effects on top.We all know that every year a lot of animals die under the wheels of transport, so Director Dave green decided in such a funny way to draw public attention to this urgent problem. The film is filled with original moments, and all the characters are designed in a classic style: the Ranger is brave and pathetic, and the main character is shy and insecure. At one point, he becomes a brave hero, which allows you to start a conversation with a girl that he has long liked.Fun, fun, fun!