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Series "Zombie hotel" shows the hotel business of the family of monsters. Buried and Rotus not only bring up two intricate twins larva and Fungus, but also develop their own hotel. You can have a great time in the hotel and vampires, and relatives of zombies, and other mystical hypostases, and even the most ordinary people. Here, each guest will enjoy an unforgettable impressionable holiday. Children of business owners go to a regular school, where they found real friends. Especially warm relations develop at children with the kid by the name of Sam. After school, they need to help their parents, dealing with economic issues. In addition to the standard bedrooms, there is an opportunity to plunge into the real zombie world. Is this kind of weekend you can afford to give up. Therefore, there is no shortage of guests. Owners of such non-standard business offer unique services. This certainly can not be found anywhere. The building itself is very often frightening mystical interior, but I'm afraid when there are the bright-eyed Gemini-the assistant is not worth it, they are happy to provide services. Even the presence of neighbours does not repel vampires want to stay in a hotel.

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