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  • Drama
In the past, humanity has repeatedly had to deal with serious diseases and dangerous viruses. But over time, people managed to make significant progress in the field of science and medicine. This allowed us to overcome many ailments and gain confidence in a bright and cloudless future. Who would have thought that in the 21st century the situation would be much worse than in the past. Humanity has been in terrible danger because of the virus that attacked the entire population of the earth. He, as a faceless killer, slowly permeates among the people. It seems that there is no escape from it.
three years ago, the virus began to spread across the earth. Now the planet is not what it used to be. Only a few managed to escape. People live in fear and they have to constantly hide from infected people turned into zombies. But at the moment when people lost their last hope, it became known that one person managed to defeat the virus. The composition of blood is now a true antidote to all the infected. However, to get to it, you need to cross the infected area, and it will not be so easy. A group of brave heroes goes on a dangerous adventure to save humanity.

Televison show Z Nation seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4,5,6

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