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With the ending — ended a series a milestone. Gone hero generation, which will be very difficult to replace, no matter how hard the creators of Sherlock. Now to find a really interesting series with charismatic actors and an unconventional story it is very difficult, but HBO knows how to surprise, and pleasant surprise – releasing the TV series the newsroom. Incredibly difficult to understand the Russian people because of the tens of difficult terms, strange and incomprehensible, it is nevertheless really catchy. The plot of the series The Newsroom is built around talented and brilliant host of the evening news will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) who, by nature scared away half their team, and only his ex-woman and part-time new producer will be able to get him to reconsider their views on news and re-format again. The very fact of the appearance of Daniels in a dramatic role can not but surprise, but it should be noted, and other actors, including the owner of the Golden globe Sam Waterston, Dev Patel, the famous film Millionaire from the slums and other well-known and venerable professionals. The series news Department touches upon the most important aspects of American life – the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the re – election of Parliament, the murder of bin Laden and the elections-all events since 2010 are presented through the eyes of ACN correspondents, who despite the leadership and ratings are ready to tell people the truth without hiding anything. All the true tragedy and drama of the behind-the-scenes news is revealed when you look at how they tried to conceal the explosion on the oil platform, or how happy every ordinary American is about the victory over bin Laden. Directed by Aaron Sorkin, on account of which three times Oscar-winning Social network, very cleverly conveys the feelings and experiences of Americans when they learn about it. How proud of the military, how cry lost friends or colleagues in the twin towers. All this makes us wait for the new series with great impatience. A total of ten episodes and, sadly, the first season is already over and it ended on a positive notes. The first is that the series newsroom ended in positive ratings, and the second that the series is renewed for a second season. The abundance of party hints can certainly say that this is another indirect attempt of the Republican party to influence the outcome of elections, but do not want to believe that such a wonderful series is only a political tool. The series"Newsroom" will undoubtedly be useful for everyone to study American politics, American culture and society as a whole. ✦