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The action of the drama series, filmed in the fantasy genre, Siren season 1 download takes place in the coastal city of Bristol Cove. For a long time this place was famous not only for its picturesque views, fishing and friendly inhabitants, but also for the legends about mermaids living in the sea near the city and carrying the death of sailors. These stories are more often perceived by modern people as beautiful and scary tales, the townspeople themselves were inclined to this, but one day events began to take place in the city that could shake this confidence. An unknown girl appears in Bristol Cove. To whom she came-is unknown, but it soon became clear that this is not an ordinary tourist and not even an ordinary girl.With the advent of the long-standing confrontation between humans and mermaids have gained new strength. There are a number of strange cases, the participants of which could not stay alive. All these tragic events are somehow connected with water, and the faces of all the victims were affected by the deadly horror experienced in the last moment of life. The appearance of a stranger is directly related to these incidents, but no one knows what to do and how to cope with what is happening.

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