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Exciting events of the series, which received a bright, eloquent name of the air force: the Battle for space, will immerse viewers in the history of the confrontation of powerful powers. For many years, the United States and Russia have been fighting for supremacy in space. Victory for each individual country was associated with almost world domination. Russia all their powers, most talented scientists involved in the development, creation of the carrier rocket. At the same time, the States are engaged in improving ballistic missiles. At the same time, the Russian Federation has a lot of exceptional achievements.Thanks to our famous, brilliant scientists, designers and other specialists, we were the first to launch a satellite into earth's orbit, the next flew to the moon. Only this did not stop Russian scientists. Soon we have successfully sent into orbit and returned intact, unharmed famous representatives of the animal world Arrow and Squirrel, who became real heroes. Then came the turn of the first courageous cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. After that, there are achievements Tereshkova, Leonov and many other discoveries. Then Kennedy throws all forces to overtake our successes and orders to do everything possible to send the first person to the moon.

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