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Turkish TV series "The Oath" is presented without translation with subtitles. Do you have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real melodrama in the original language. The focus of the plot is the main character of Reyhan. She lives in a small village and lead modest lives. The heroine had to endure difficult times, because her mother's death broke, so Reyhan thinks in the future just about to perish in poverty and leave behind at least some trace in history. Soon, the girl turns her uncle, who offers one to marry his son Emir. Of course, the father dreams of his loved one was reunited with responsible and good girl, but everybody knows that Amir is not the best candidate. About irresponsible character go whole legend! Because of this, Reyhan and does not agree to reunite with the Emir, but Hikmet's father insists that the matter is urgent, as he was dying, so trying to organize personal life of his son, while there is time. Of course, Reyhan have to agree to this adventure, which, incidentally, is not very happy to Emir. He assures that the unwanted divorces his wife at the earliest opportunity, but soon after a couple of months of marriage the main characters find each other something incredible, which was not noticed before. It seems that in this marriage of convenience was born a true love.