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National Geographic created a six-part mini-series dedicated to the fate of the human race. What was recently considered science fiction, today has become an integral part of the daily routine of modern man. Based on this, it is very interesting to look at what will be the life of Homo sapiens in a million years. Modern scientists, futurists, inventors and writers tell the viewer about the latest technological inventions and innovative ideas that are likely to affect the course of human evolution. The future of our species is seen through the lens of a typical American futuristic family with an Android daughter. The viewer will see possible difficult questions that we will have to face, as well as original pictures and images of how our existence will change. Man finally merged with robots, mortality / immortality – issues that have long been in the past, the power and capabilities of intelligence are limitless, and our population inhabits not only the Earth but also other planets, creating an interplanetary community. The creators of the television series are trying to predict how certain technologies will affect our development-for the worse or better…

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