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The focus of the story of Y: The Last Man is Yorick Brown, named after the court jester in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Yorick lives in a dystopian world, because on 17 July 2002, all male mammals were wiped out. Responsible for this was a mysterious disease whose origin could not be determined. Only Yorick and his little capuchin monkeys Ampersand could survive the disaster and are now on their way to Washington, D.C. There he expected his mother, her character a member of the House of Representatives.    They commissioned Culper Ring agent 355 in order to bring Yorick sure to Boston, where the geneticist Dr. Man is. This wants to study Yorick and find out why exactly he survived. Not least the whole of humanity is now at risk of extinction, if male offspring can not be guaranteed soon. But Dr. Man is not the only person on the planet who is very interested in Yorick. The commander in chief of the Israeli General Staff, Age Tse'elon is well informed about Yorick's existence and does everything possible to find the last man on earth.    Main characters of Y: The Last Man    Yorick Brown is an ambivalent contemporary, which is not only the fact that he has survived as the only man a global catastrophe. As amateur magician he beats his way through the world and called a capuchin monkeys named Ampersand his best friend. Otherwise, he is quick-witted, cheeky and funny - but often turns out to be naive Dub, which comes a little awkward.    Agent 355 works for the culper ring - a hidden secret of Operating - and commissioned by Yorick's mother trying to protect her son. Henceforth, it acts as Yorick's bodyguard, although the two do not immediately understand. Still, Agent 355 is aware of how important their mission has and can therefore allow under any circumstances that Yorick, who often brings himself into trouble, something happens.    Dr. Allison husband is one of the few geneticists on the planet who are able to figure out why all male mammals have become extinct. Therefore, it is their extremely important to study Yorick's body. At his capuchins Ampersand Dr. Man very interested. After all, it is the only male animal that has survived the plague. (MH)

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