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Since his birth, the unfortunate Japanese Kimihiro saw strange things that introduced the guy into panic. In any area he saw a variety of otherworldly individuals who did not show up to other people. From such knowledge it wanted to hide away, at the same time, every year until the boy grew up, the situation got worse."Why not try to help the ghosts?"- you might think, but all his life the main character just wanted to be like everyone else, not really standing out from the crowd. But otherworldly forces did not want to leave the guy alone. During another attempts to get rid of Intrusive ghosts, Kimihiro went to the old house, which essence for some reason flew around the tenth road. Determined to find out what the matter was, the boy entered the building.The house has been the home of a mysterious witch of space, believing in fate and the law of equivalent exchange. In despair, the main character asks the girl to help get rid of the curse, which the witch agrees, but the victim of persecution will have to go to work for her on an abnormal day. Then the hero was ready to agree to anything, but just starting to work on the witch, the guy realized what a fatal mistake made.

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