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Action-crime Thriller"XIII: Conspiracy" is based on the comic book by Jean van Hamm and William Vance, telling about the hero who lost his memory, and strive to learn his past. It all starts with the fact that the unknown kills a woman President of the United States right during her speech, dedicated to the day of memory of veterans. Hundreds of people witness this crime, but the security service has not been able to detain the shooter in hot pursuit. Three months after an incident that shook the country, an elderly couple finds a wounded young man with a parachute, who is stuck in a tree. Perfect he does not remember anything about himself, and the only lead that might shed light on his past, to become the tattoo"XIII" on his neck. At this time, government intelligence continues to look for the murderer of the President, because his capture can radically change the course of the upcoming elections…

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