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Original Title: X-Men: Evolution
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: The WB
Language: English
Description: People have always been afraid of what is different from them, and if it is something else and was much stronger, then they began a wild panic and it forced them to make every effort to more powerful creatures were destroyed. Therefore, those who possessed a certain force, it was impossible to talk about it, otherwise these people would be prosecuted and they tried to destroy. In order to prevent this from happening, Professor X decided to create a special school where He gathered all people with superpowers and helped them develop them. At the same time, he tried to make every effort to not let anyone know about what all these people are not as simple as I think about them, so that they could resist evil, and thereby to live a normal life. however, Despite all the difficulties that await them ahead of normal life, they are not so easy to see. After all, while they are trying to do everything to survive in this world and learn everything, as well as try to understand what their true purpose, going to another group of mutants who are ready at any time to begin to destroy the world. And because of this, they often confront a group of other mutants that attack them under the leadership of a certain Mystic. But is she really behind all this or is their main opponent X-men another mutant?

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