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Original Title: X-Men: Evolution
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: The WB
Language: English
Description: The second season continues to tell about humans mutants, which account for quite not be easy. They are many times faced with the Mystic, but at the last moment found out that actually she is working for magneto and that he is their main enemy. Because of him, the guys will have a lot of problems, as this man has his own plans and he intends to implement them as soon as possible. And often it all leads to the fact that can awaken another more dangerous mutant and it is not to allow him to Wake up and will be the main task of the guys who hoped so that at least a little will be able to live a quiet life. in addition, this time they will be joined by several new people with the same incredible abilities, who will have to go through a lot. And at some point, Xavier and does decide that the guys should unite with the brotherhood in order to realize some plans. However, what actually all this will lead to and whether the guys have a chance to confront all these enemies and how they will behave in those moments when their power tries to get out of control? Yes, and what the plans are this time magneto who's not even thinking about how to sit quietly and observe everything from the outside?

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