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It turns out that next to us there are many parallel realities. And they are filled with fabulous, mythological creatures who live their own lives, hating, falling in love, betraying, and even destroying each other. So, in one wonderful Kingdom there are terrible events. A ruler by the name of Lancer was suddenly destroyed by his own kin. He threw him down the steep stairs as soon as he had the right moment. Now the crafty killer is ready to take the throne. In this case the victim of Lancre is not going to leave the world of the living.
to him is death itself, which secretly tells him that it is not going to take with him. Moreover, there is no place for the former king in the world of the living. So he will wander the world in the form of a Ghost. Monarch horror, gradually svegas with the new role, passing through walls and be invisible to others. Do you live in the Kingdom of wyrd sisters. They were able to save the son of the dead king. Had the witches to pass it into the hands of itinerant actors, to protect them from the revenge of the new ruler. The very same witch starts a brutal fight with the insidious killer. Of course, they can not do without the help of the deceased.

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