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All of us with pleasure and lust make plans for a long, happy life and try not to think about death, and even more so, about the end of the world. On this subject it is better to see the next blockbuster. However, sometimes people are faced with a completely unexpected turn of events that can lead to the most unexpected and terrible consequences – such as Armageddon. By the will of a cunning fate, a group of completely different teenagers from different social strata is in one very strange place... Raised in the United States, the twins Noah and Luke are accompanied by their mother to the Scottish castle. Here they get acquainted with other"lucky", whose name is cat sharp, Gaia Roberts, AJ Javadi, slim butt and lexi winters. Unsuspecting children will have to face mystical events that will radically change not only their lives, but also can affect the existence of all mankind. Why are they? Soon they learn that everyone here is surrounded by a certain mystery, and their past, as it turns out, is closely connected. However, the main thing they have to understand is the brutal truth. It's better to get there before it's too late. After all, they are not just in the castle, but in a secret military research center...

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