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The second season continues to tell about the amazing adventures of girls magicians. Most recently, they went down to Earth to find as many talented teenagers. But unfortunately ahead of them waiting for a lot of difficulties to which they were not ready. After all, they had to work so that nobody knows they have magic. In addition, they had to confront the villain known as the Kidnappers of talent and his boss fairy Tinker bell. For the girls it was a surprise and the first encounter led to the fact that they did not know how to react to what is happening. but pretty soon they managed to resist for the first time these villains and even partly to find out their idea. But in reality it was much more complicated and this fairy had quite a serious motive in order to kidnap all the kids. Now the girls are ready to openly confront her, but they should not forget that no one should know about their strength, which will be very difficult to do in such circumstances, if we also consider that the lives of many children are at stake. Will they be able to cope with this challenge and not to reveal the fact that they have magical powers or girls still violate the ban?