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Fascinating series"Wonders of life" (Wonders of Life) was created by the BBC in order to show how scientific laws and principles explain the existence of life. Brian Cox will go on an unforgettable journey through our amazing planet and reveal all the secrets of the appearance of life. Only a few fundamental laws formed the basis of the education of life. Life is a unique force, born in the Universe under the influence of certain laws and principles. There is evidence that there are about 100 million different species on the planet.Regardless of species and size, all life on our planet can not exist without matter, energy, gravity, light and other fundamental laws. Just as the laws affect the smallest microbe, so do they affect the elephant. All living things are influenced by basic laws and principles. Nature is so amazingly arranged that sometimes we do not even guess what it hides. Brian Cox will tell the audience about the wonders of life and nature, which has adapted to different conditions. The viewer will learn about the appearance of life, as well as its path from its inception to the present day.

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