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Throughout the series of the last four parts of the fantastic TV series, we watched the misadventures of the characters, who eventually left Stonybridge and, saving himself, moved to neighboring Canada. After that, the main plot events of the series "Wolf blood" centered around Yana. This girl is also a wolf. She first appeared on the screen in the second season, but the main character was only in the last part. In the beginning of season 5, the girl still lives in Newcastle and along with TJ investigating the incident, which may be involved in the "poluvolki". But the relatively quiet life of the city collapses when some members of Segolia become victims of discrimination - Yana together with her flock "opened" to the world, becoming the number one enemy for other half-regiments. Feeling guilty about this, Yana decides to wait for the full moon and leave the city to start living in the wild. Selina and Matey support her decision and are also ready to escape. Against this decision is expressed only TJ, who is fascinated by the opportunity to get on the big screen - when it became known that there are poluvolki, they are interested in film producer Hartigton, who introduced the pack to Mr. Jeffries. As a result, TJ persuades Selina and matej to go with him to a country mansion, where they have to pass auditions, not knowing that this is a clever trap...

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