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Germany for modern man is associated immediately with a secure life and large cities, but not with the virgin nature, in the dense thickets of which live exotic species of animals and grow unique species of plants. Although the territory of the country and not as extensive as, for example, the territory of Russia, it is also full of exotic places, striking in its beauty and charm.For example, the creators of the documentary film"the wild nature of Germany" will allow true connoisseurs of feature films to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of the mysterious German flora and fauna, admire the exquisite landscapes of Northern Frisia, the black forest and Pomerania. Here we will see a lot of the unknown, among which there are rare species of flora, unique fauna and indescribable structure of the landscape.The documentary series contains reliable facts about the life of the Germans living in close proximity to the huge and dense forests. Every day is filled with pleasure from the contemplation of colorful places and sudden meetings with wildlife.