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Documentary popular science film series, telling amazing stories from the life of ancient North America, inhabited by many majestic animals, not all of which had to live to the present day. Starting with a demonstration of urban landscapes of modern America of the 21st century, the plot contrasts the current civilized world wild and harsh period from the distant past, when half of the continent was chained by the ice of the last Ice age. Modernity is represented by a variety of archaeological finds, on the basis of which attempts were made to reconstruct the events of bygone days, allowing to appreciate the beauty and power of such powerful creatures of nature as mammoths. It is against the background of such giants that the prehistoric ancestors of people, forced to share the living space with a significant number of representatives of pristine nature in the most difficult conditions, look especially defenseless. The gradual climate change poses new challenges to the ancestors of modern man, pushing them with new predators, such as saber-toothed cats, representing a considerable danger even for mammoths. The topic of the influence of the indigenous population and colonizers of the New World on the extermination of certain species of the unique animal world, such as American bison, is also touched upon.

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