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With the sad defeat of the Trevanions in the final series of the last part it's been six months. In season 7 of the series "untamed" we learn that the main character did not go with the rest of the family to London, staying instead with Du Plessis to catch a Rhino. Since then, there have been some changes - Alice and children Danny says that they work with Dupe in the Park of wild animals "big five", earning money to open their own farms, because now" Leopards Dance's " they no longer belong. The man convinces his wife that everything will be fine in the near future. In his words, she decides to make sure in person, suddenly coming to Africa. This visit will be a real discovery - a girl will find that the last time would-be workers lied about his position. Moreover, it turns out that Christian Peters decided to resume the demolition of the reserve, which pushes Danny to tough measures. Between him and the mining Corporation begins a real war in which it is difficult to understand in advance who will be the winner!