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A fascinating story about the thousand-year history, traditions, peoples, climate, flora and fauna of the Arabian Peninsula. The fertile land is shrouded in many legends, sun-hot dunes and oases, centuries-old traditions and antiquity, intertwined with the achievements of civilization. Today's Arabia is not wind, sand and stars – it is highways, modern architecture and Airliners connecting this wonderful land with the whole world. Oil has turned the land of Arabia into a high-tech area, and people are trying to protect the animal world from extinction. The story of Arabia begins with the desert, which covers about 90% of its territory. For centuries, the animal world has adapted to extreme conditions. Antelope, the Oryx can travel great distances in search of sparse vegetation. Single-humped camels, tamed by people at the dawn of civilization, are able to do without water for 50 days!An unusual area, hidden behind huge rocks, was chosen by Arabian whales living here for 60 thousand years. On Earth there are very few animals of this species, they live only here.Camel racing is one of the most expensive and interesting sports. Riders are replaced by robots, and drivers go on modern cars in parallel to movement of animals and give them commands. You will not regret that you have witnessed such a spectacle.

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