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At first glance, the main character is nothing special, she is an ordinary girl, lives a simple life, nothing stands out, and do not strive. However, it has one feature that not only distinguishes it from others, but also completely changes its usual way of life. She constantly dreams nightmares in which there are very realistic events. Maybe the girl did not pay any special attention to them and turned to the doctor for help, but the thing is that these dreams are not simple, they are all accurate to each frame and then executed in reality, which makes the girl experience a real fear. she understood that it would be very difficult to prove to someone that all this is true, and therefore did not even believe that there would be a person who would help her, and with her and everyone who needs her help. But fortunately there is one investigator who not only believes the girl, but also wants to make every effort to prevent as many crimes as possible. Only now does he get anything to do, and how accurate predictions girls? What lies ahead for these two? Do they really get to save people or the girl will regret that someone told about his features?

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