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Ha Reap always dreamed of a distinguished career and great success. The protagonist of writing music, but never became a prominent figure. Until then, until you made a deal with the Devil. The man asked for fame and a lot of money for a certain time. At the end of the signed contract Hee Rip give his soul to hell patron. Ten years have passed since the very pores. Ha Ripa wave of incredible success, which, by agreement, and has tricks of the Devil. The main character learns all the features and charm of the honor that had fallen on him. However, the time is right to pay for the resulting honors. The main character must soon give his soul, however, is trying by all means postpone that date. I'd like to stay in Ha Reap world of the living, so she decides to go on a new deal with the Devil. So he extended his stay on Earth, the protagonist podyschet for the ruler of hell few people who agree to sign another deal. However, all this character is given some five days. Do Hee Reap time to execute a new contract? What reward awaits him for the performance of a diabolical work?

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