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Our planet is full of mysteries and unsolved mysteries, which a simple man in the street does not even know. The series"Mysteries of the planet Earth" is designed to highlight the most dramatic of them: from the giant tsunami, which, in the case of land can destroy all life for many kilometers around, and ending with the mysterious blood-red lake, located somewhere far away in Baghdad.What was the Earth like before mankind appeared on it? What have the civilizations that have gone far into history left for us? Maybe our generation will be able to answer the most pressing questions of modern society?The Directors of the film project"Mysteries of planet Earth" have prepared six most interesting and fascinating stories for their viewers, which are based on proven facts and reliable sources. Each of us must understand that man is not the crown of evolution, because literally every day archaeologists and researchers around the world find evidence that our world was inhabited or very often visited by unknown civilizations, more developed technologically and culturally. And what happens if one day they decide to come back?

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