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Host of the show is Günther Jauch. In addition to the voltage at the game itself, there are his conversations with candidates, attendants and telephone jokers that contribute to the success of the program in Germany.    regulate    The rules of the German edition are identical to the international rules of the show essentially. After the summer 2007 RTL introduced new rules to make the game more interesting. The specific question by selecting player must first decide whether he wants to play by the old rules or the new version ( "risk variant") selected.    Past grand prize winners    Eight candidates broke the million dollar question, of which two celebrities in the celebrity specials. Twice the prize was about to reach six times in German marks into euros:    DM 1,000,000    2 December 2000: Eckhard Freise (professor of history at the University of Wuppertal)    May 20, 2001: Marlene grave Herr (office clerk)    1,000,000 EUR    October 18, 2002: Gerhard Krammer (student of music and philosophy)    March 29, 2004: Dr. Maria Wienströer (doctor)    October 9, 2006: Stefan Lang (elevator installer)    January 8, 2007: Timur Hahn (student of English literature, media studies and computer science at the University of Marburg)    2 June 2008 (Celebrity Special): Oliver Pocher (Comedian) using the public Jokers    20 November 2008 (Celebrity Special): Thomas Gottschalk (TV presenter) with the help of Marcel Reich-Ranicki as phone Joker