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In the world there are a lot of temptations, which are not so easy to resist. They beckon, forcing them to plunge into the abyss of sins. However, being at the top of power, to allow such weaknesses is simply unacceptable, otherwise all the efforts made by rosib Already middle-aged George, who through his hidden weaknesses, became a victim of his own vices, is forced to fight for his name Enjoying plenty, George decides to go home, but he comes on Board the plane, as he is arrested by the police. They policy accuse of sexual harassment, which said the hotel maid, where the rest of the hero-lover. Georges, naturally denies his involvement in this event, but the case is gaining momentum. A well-known politician is in a sinister web, out of which will not be easy. nnGeorges ' reputation as well as his own freedom are under threat. He faces considerable time if he does not prove his innocence. To help her husband, his wife arrives in America, who has long dreamed of becoming the first lady of France. She does her best to prove that the case is fabricated, and the maid who made the statement - it's just a figurehead competitors. But will they be able to prove their innocence, because if you dig, in this case a lot of oddities. Welcome to new York (2014) from the Director Abel Ferrara will interest any viewer with its versatility and rich plot, to watch this dramatic film online for free will be interesting to almost everyone. The role of the main character is the famous actor Gerard Depardieu did a great job with the image of a pathological sex addict.