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In Weissensee, the two families Copper and home in the throes of the GDR in East Berlin are facing. While the copper are perfectly integrated into the system and function as small gear of large government apparatus that Haussmann's available to the system very critical and not be embarrassed, even publicly express their opinions. Add to that the fact that family patriarch Hans Kupfer and his son Falk as senior officers of the Ministry of State Security - work - in short Stasi. Overall, they resemble both in their thinking and in their actions the citizens propagated ideal that exists only for the benefit of the German Democratic Republic. The house's are the exact opposite. So Mother Dunja is for example as questioning songwriter active, which is also monitored, and daughter Julia makes with regard to their negligent obedience a political gaffe after another. Basically, two family types, as they could not be more different. And suddenly their passive coexistence is shaken by an event of unpredictability: Julia falls in love during a traffic stop in Martin, in his youngest son of copper and an employee of the People's Police. What follows is a kind of Romeo and Juliet in the GDR, because Martin and Julia have to overcome the deadlocked conventions of both families.    Main characters of Weissensee    Hans copper (Uwe Kockisch) is the head of a family of copper. He is the husband of Marlene and the father of Falk and Martin. He is loyal to the system and goes to the Ministry of State Security is committed to his work.    Falk copper (Jörg Hartmann) is the eldest son of copper. Like his father, Hans, he works at the Ministry of State Security and corresponds to the ideal image of the perfect citizen in terms of its commitment to the GDR. He assigns his career under even their own families.    Martin copper (Florian Lukas) is the youngest son of copper. He works at the People's Police and the system not as convinced as the rest of his family. He lives separated from his ex-wife and has a seven year old daughter. At the beginning of the series, he falls in love with Julia, and thus sets the tricky combination of the two families in transition.    Marlene copper (Ruth Reinecke) is the wife of Jack and the mother of Falk and Martin. they also firmly believes in socialism.    Dunja Hausmann (Katrin Sass) is a critical songwriter who has repeatedly drawn the attention of the Stasi in coming. Not least, it is regularly the focus of various surveillance actions. Dunja is the mother of Julia.    Julia Hausmann (Hannah Herzsprung) is the daughter of Dunja and trained beautician. She has enjoyed a casual education and unfolded accordingly very clear in their mind and in their thinking. At a traffic stop, she meets Martin and falls in love with him.    Background information about Weissensee    In Weissensee is one produced by the ARD television series. The premiere took place on 14 September 2010 at 20:15 pm at First. As a director, acted Friedemann Fromm and the screenplay was written by Annette Hess. Weissensee got a thoroughly positive critics echo. Not least, the series won both a Bambi for Hannah Herzsprung and a nomination at the Adolf Grimme Prize in 2001 the German Television Award 2011 in the category Best Series and Best Actor (for Jörg Hartmann). (MH)

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