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Many were interested in fiction and amazing stories about the living world. In this project, the channel BBC, we learn about the most unusual creatures on our planet who live in the forests, deep oceans and high mountains. Perhaps some viewers have never seen in my life, and perhaps had no idea about the existence of those animals, which will be discussed in this project. Air Force proves once again that the British are able to make great programs that tell about the unknown known. All the surprises and secrets of nature are revealed in this amazing series. "These mysterious animals" tells about the life of the various creatures that live on Earth. How do you, for example, to see with my own eyes, like a chameleon changes color instantly, literally merging together with great vegetation and evergreen forests? And what to see flying frogs and predators that single glance hypnotize their prey. But in the world there are many other animals that use the most sophisticated methods of hunting, from the victim's expectations, ending the eternal pursuit of profit. And those seemingly fabulous creatures just the tip of the iceberg, it is only the top of what we'll see. A new documentary project by the BBC to tell us about the secrets of nature hidden in its very depths. In detail, we consider animals that can change the shape of the body, which are able to float in the air, which use common methods of protection from enemies, even pretending to be dead. Everyone knows about the skunk that anyone is able to drive away his awful smell. Possum also more confidence in passive protection. They are just pretending to be dead. Many animals at all funny breed. Loving relationship Surinamese frogs, kangaroos and many other animals - this is a separate story. These animals are raising their babies in special pouches, pockets, which are located on the surface of the entire skin. Soon the young grow up and move on their own can. Ways to satisfy your appetite are sometimes rather strange: the deadly viper tail used as bait, while the cuttlefish prey hypnotized by changing its own color. Not only within their own species, animals can cooperate. Scientists from the BBC were seen amazing capabilities of representatives of different areas to live together. How do you, for example, the ability to use the bugs birds hummingbirds to cross long distances? A blindworm starts to operate as a vacuum cleaner at the nest owl. Yes, and preferences in the most unusual animals. It turns out that not only people tend to addictions. Some animals simply fanateyut on alcohol and other intoxicating substances and intoxicating. Bees, for example, is very susceptible to the fermented juice of the plant, jaguars are experimenting with different plants, have a narcotic effect, but the starlings often resort to aromatherapy. In general, the nature - is one big mystery that needs to be unraveled. The draft of the Air Force everyone can learn all the secrets of the life of the most intriguing animals in the world. Happy viewing, dear viewers site!

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