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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Action series taking place in an alternate reality and take the audience into the distant 1985. In those days, the Cold war was in full swing-merciless and fearsome in the hearts of people. Once the hands of the clock set to indicate the judgment day, time has passed,and they are standing at midnight, not moving. All people live in anticipation of the worst event, the day when there will be a nuclear disaster. Residents of the city to the end can not imagine what terrible events they can still expect in the future, what could be worse? the City authorities have put a categorical ban, according to which, people with super abilities can not fight criminals. They justify this by the fact that from everything that happens in the world, people are already in a state of great shock. However, there is one for whom the orders of the authorities do not matter. Despite everything, Rorschach continues to fight crime. But soon his life will be a terrible shock. His colleague and part-time best friend brutally murdered. And after all once they stood shoulder to shoulder in the hard fight. Now everything has changed very much, and does it make sense to fight further?

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