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A new series, based on the cult movie musical 1979 with the same name. The rivalry of American teenage gangs is very often very cruel. Thus, the series tells the story about the fascinating and very dangerous adventures of a group of teenagers who make their way through the night of new York with one of the outskirts of the city to another. Teenage gang called"Warriors" participated in a large gathering of street gangs of the Bronx, which was convened by someone Cyrus, who is one of the biggest crime bosses. The agenda at the gathering was to bring together street gangs to take control of the whole of new York. But such grandiose plans of the newly appeared gangster leader weren't fated to come true. Badita caught up with a gangster bullet. He was shot in the back by someone meanly. The blame for this murder is on the members of the group"Warriors". And thus, the guys get into a situation where they have been opposed all the youth groups in the Big Apple. And now the Warriors only have a night in that hostile environment, bypassing all the enemy traps and barriers, to get to his home in his native district on Coney island, where they will be in relative safety, and to try to restore his honor, proving that they were not murderers. Each of the youth gangs of the new series Warriors 2017 online has its advantages and disadvantages, someone is strong in one, and someone in the other, and in addition, each gang has its own style and image. Some make up in a special way, others are dressed in the same baseball uniform, others wear stylish fashionable clothes. Among the gangs there are gangs of skinheads and even mimes. And with all to join the fight members of the group"Warriors". A gang that wears a baseball uniform called"Furies", a gang consisting of some girls resembling ancient Greek sirens, is called"Lizzie". Movement of angry gang runs a radio DJ by the name of Lynn Thigpen. She somehow tracks displacement"Warriors" and informs about their the current location hunting for them gangs. At the end of the series, when the guys finally get to their native Coney island Lynn Tigpen still tells everyone that the guys are fully rehabilitated, that previous information that they are killers, was unreliable. She apologizes to them with exclamations that they are good fellows, and they are the best. Main actors: Sayros – gangster authority wants power over all new York. Killed at a gathering. Swan is the leader of the Warriors group. Smart, cold-blooded, very calculating, very restrained in emotions. Hardened in street fighting. Ajax is the second man in the gang after Swan. By its nature, almost in no way inferior to Swan, but he is more rude and assertive in achieving the goal. Luther is the leader of a gang called the bad Guys. Chief villain and enemy"Warriors." A notorious bastard and a psychopath. Even when members of his own gang trying to figure out the motives of his actions, replied that he just like. Lynne Thigpen – the girl DJ that manages by radio all teenage gangs. The personification of Destiny and fate. < li > < ul > Series brothers Rousseau War 1 series free download on our website on the day of the ether!