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Jong HEI In - a young talented actress, which critics in the near future predict victory at the Cannes film festival. This success, the girl managed to reach thanks to the latest action-Packed film called"Mama", where she played the main role of the distraught mother who wants to revenge for the loss of a child. But being at the peak of his fame, during another interview, hay In suddenly makes a shocking statement about the termination of her acting career, referring to the fact that it is time for her to become a good mother and devote more time to her son, who suffers from a lack of maternal attention because of her busy schedule. These words the actress also gave to understand that she refuses to participate in the upcoming reality show, where she played the main role. At that moment, our heroine could not even imagine that at this time her husband, who is the producer of the reality show, watched this interview in the company of best friends and new investors who were shocked by what happened and, realizing the increased risks of failure of the new project, refused to cooperate. An angry husband, who did not expect such a turn of events, wanting at all costs to run his own show, comes up with an insidious and incredibly cruel plan of revenge.