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What we used to imagine superheroes? Surely in your imagination immediately drawn bold and brave character, courageous, with broad shoulders, huge muscles and some incredible abilities that exceed human. Somewhere open spaces of a Galaxy are furrowed by one hero, only he does not correspond to your description at all. Yes, courage and bravery to it not to occupy, but great strength and magical powers he did not possess. But he has something better in store. the hero, who roams the Galaxy, is called wonder, and with him travels his faithful steed named Sylvia. This couple keeps their way from one planet to another, causing his visit to the locals. Wander is very cheerful and optimistic, but his own fun is not enough. This guy wants everyone to have fun. And it happens, because its infusion is so contagious that goes to all who just gets in the way. However, there is a sworn enemy of Wander-a Lord Hayter. An evil person who can not stand the spirit of fun in all its manifestations. So the brave hero has not only to have fun, but also to fight evil.

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