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Of course, everyone knows that any superhero must have some supernatural power or unique skill. For example, some can easily pull out of the ground huge, mighty trees right along with the roots and without even wincing with tension, clearly demonstrating remarkable strength. Other brave guys can soar in the air at the speed of an ordinary plane or even smash a skyscraper with a single punch. In General, each of the characters must be something special different. Only after all, they have to be exposed to terrible danger almost every second.Naturally, in such a situation and injuries can not be avoided. And there is nothing surprising. Each of the superheroes first and foremost is a man who is not alien to natural desires. Yes, maybe, in the end, some of them just get tired constantly to come to the defense of the universe, the civilian population, and even small bugs. Superheroes have the right to rest and vacation. Only as without them the planet will exist. Don't panic. Instead, they will be Walter, Who is always ready to serve any hero, taking with quite a modest fee. Supernatural abilities have guy, of course, there is no. So fasten civilians.

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