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Popular science television series created by the BBC channel, fully dedicated to our ancestors – prehistoric people. In this work, in contrast to the projects of the same channel covering the themes of dinosaurs and monsters, the number of computer graphics is reduced, and primitive people are portrayed by make-up actors. Each episode of the fascinating serial tape tells about a separate period of evolutionary development of mankind, which are based on the latest scientific theories and researches of scientists. The modern researcher and traveler Professor Robert Winston, acting as a presenter and narrator, commenting on the events taking place on the screen, will go on a journey through the key moments of the story together with the audience. This journey to the origins of human civilization begins with a visit to the most ancient African territories, now belonging to Ethiopia, where in 1974 the bones of Australopithecus were found, presumably lived there more than three million years ago. It is in these lands were found the oldest remains of the female, called anthropologists"Lucy". And already from these ancient"apes", which are a kind of starting point in the gradual evolution, there are representatives of the famous species Homo Spiens, that is,"intelligent man", which is the final stage of long evolutionary processes.

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