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After the success of the film project from the BBC channel called"Walking with dinosaurs", the operators and writers decided to demonstrate their vision of the situation that prevailed on Earth in the period after the disappearance of the dinosaurs. Then our planet was inhabited by mysterious creatures, of which we know almost nothing, but our viewers have an exceptional opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient creatures.In the film"air force: Walking with monsters" we will witness the life and development of the ancestors of modern tigers, monkeys, birds and fish. We have all become accustomed to the realization that the fall of the great meteorite led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, but few of us think about what happened before the immediate emergence of the human race on the planet.The audience will be presented with interesting shots featuring saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, killer whales and many other animals. High-quality computer technology has allowed to reproduce every kind of creatures so clearly that you will have the impression of viewing not a fantastic series, and a documentary. As if the operator personally monitors the life of these animals, being with them at arm's length! Enjoy watching and learn a lot of new, interesting information.

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