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Serial dramatic Thriller tells about what happened near the Texas town of Waco sad events of the 90s, during which killed more than eighty people, including young children. The main part of the deceased member of a religious sect. Also victims were four intelligence officers who participated in the initial assault on the estate "mount Carmel", within which the sectarians took refuge for 51 days after the failed siege. The reason for the armed confrontation, which unfolded in the vicinity of the estate, was the illegal possession of firearms. For an entire year, FBI agents conducted an investigation in which it was found that unregistered weapons may be on the territory of the sect. Intelligence officers came to the estate to conduct a search. But the situation was quite different: in the materials covering the tragic events, it was noted that the sectarians opened fire on the authorities. As a result, the building was stormed, during which several FBI representatives were killed. When Federal agents retreated, sectarians left inside under the leadership of David Koresh announced that they refused to go outside.

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