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The plot of the new anime takes viewers to the eleventh century. In these times of the Northern Sea belonged only to the Vikings. These brave and fierce warriors always sought to maintain morale and to find new reasons to incite war. Moreover, it was in the eleventh century Viking got into the habit to travel to England, where he always found the sea resources, provisions, and other resources for personal use. Brutal wars and constant battle hardened militant young Viking. The focus of the plot is the son of one of the legendary fighters. Torfinn knew about my dad a story that he ignorant elders. The main character knows that his loved one killed by the guards Askeladden, dangerous and cruel commander. Now Torfinn overflowing with rage and anger. He seeks revenge on the offender's family. However, the guy is still very young, so is forced to gain experience. Realizing that brute force Askeladden not beat the guy joins his squad disguised as a simple recruit. When the goal seems so close, any temptation can be confusing. Torfinn temporarily postpone its plan of revenge, because Askeladden with the rest of the soldiers sent to England to seize the throne.

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