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If you represent Queen Victoria of England as an old woman present on postage stamps, then prepare to change that opinion. In this TV series, we will follow the life of a young Queen who received the throne in adolescence. We will have to take a personal look at all the difficulties that she had to overcome in order to earn the respect of her subjects. However, at the very beginning of his reign, Victoria herself almost did not decide anything – everything was in charge of the Prime Minister of England, Lord Melbourne, on which the heroine is seriously dependent. It is under his guidance that she will learn all the political nuances of her future. In the last part Victoria married albert - her second cousin, from whom she managed to give birth to a child by the end of the season. In the beginning of season 2 we learn that the heroine, despite recent childbirth, wants to take the throne and engaged in the Affairs of the state. But from the first day she has the feeling that albert and Lord Melbourne together hide some secret from her. At the same time, members of the albert family who wish to attend the christening of the Queen's son come to the Palace. Throughout the new series, the heroine is waiting for a lot of shocks: she learns about her husband's infidelity, her second pregnancy, problems in the poor neighborhoods of London and much more.

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