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Action Elisabeth & # 8220; Lisa & # 8221; Plenske (Alexandra Neldel) starts after her successful apprenticeship as a retail salesperson as a temporary worker at Kerima Moda. After a short time it is personal assistant to the new managing director David Seidel (Mathis Künzler), in which she falls in love and has no eyes for her. He is engaged to a model. Between the two, but created little by an intense friendship, David relies more and more on the expertise of Lisa. Although she has to fight on the part of envious colleagues with many intrigues, their self-esteem grows. She makes a career, first managing director of the subsidiary B.Style and ultimately even as a majority shareholder and managing director of Kerima Moda.    During her career always better running, it is not as good in matters of love with Lisa. Daniel has indeed fallen after some time into it, but feels after a trauma that he suffered after a kidnapping, not ready for a relationship. He sailed around the world. Lisa does not believe that he returns. Robert Konrad & # 8220; Rokko & # 8221; Kowalski (Manuel Cortez), PR chief at Kerima Moda, falls in love with her. She becomes engaged to him. When David finally remembers, it's too late: Lisa wants Rokko married. The day of the wedding draws near: Who is Lisa Plenske married?    Main characters Elisabeth & # 8220; Lisa & # 8221; Plenske (Alexandra Neldel) is not a beauty, her lack of self-consciousness. As gray mouse they overlook many, but it is honest and wise, gradually developed their strengths and their beauty is increasingly apparent. Lisa grows in the small town on Göberitz near Berlin, her father Bernd (Volker Herold) works at a building materials trade, her mother Helga (Ulrike Mai) is a housewife. After graduation and training as a retail saleswoman, she begins working at the fashion company Kerima Moda and slowly increases the career ladder. She falls in love with the boss David Seidel.    David Seidel (Mathis Künzler) is managing director of Kerima Moda and this task is not initially really grown. He is engaged to model Mariella and overlooks Lisa completely. Only slowly taught him to appreciate their skills, she won as best friend. Almost too late he realizes that he loves her.    Robert Konrad & # 8220; Rokko & # 8221; Kowalski (Manuel Cortez) is the head of PR at Kerima Moda. He immediately recognized the qualities of Lisa and attracts them more and more out of her shell. When he asks her if she wants to be his wife, she says yes.    Backgrounds Love in Berlin copied the recipe for success of the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty. The German version was broadcast daily from 28 February 2005 to 12 October 2007 on Sat.1. Planned were 225 episodes, with an end after one year. The great success with advertisers viewers led to a renewal of the series for another six months and a total of 364 episodes. The finale on 1 September 2006 saw record crowds, using market analysis has been selected with the greatest acceptance among the spectators of the two alternative end of the series that.    By the great success with viewers, there was a second season of Love in Berlin. 281 episodes were filmed, but could not connect to the success of the first seasons. The telenovela ended on 12 October 2007 with a total of 645 episodes.    The telenovela's Life has received numerous awards, including 2005 with the German Television Award in the category Best Daily series.

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