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  • Crime
This film tells the story of an unusual adventure in which the couple decided to participate in order to revive the lost flame of feelings. Spouses with care, but rather quickly begin to open each other the intimate secrets and the most passionate parties, getting thus in very awkward situations. At first, the couple everything goes according to plan - the relationship is increasingly developing in the right direction, but when they decide to meet with other partners, including observations of erotic scenes in which one of the spouses is involved - all the efforts and achievements of the couple collapse like a house of cards. The husband, jealous of his wife to another man, gets involved with him in a conflict, which results in a fairly logical separation of the couple. Soon, however, the former beloved again decide to re-build relationships and to forget about old errors. As soon as their plan begins to work, on the horizon again there is an ill-fated man from an erotic adventure, on which the main character again pounces in a fit of anger and rage. This situation leads to new adventures in which there are husband and wife who wished to revive their relationship in an exotic way.

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