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Original Title: Venom Hunters
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: Superhero movies stand alone in modern cinema, because they have a place in different genres: drama, Comedy, science fiction and many others. Not to mention the fact that the main characters are often immersed in philosophy, conveying to the viewer his vision of the world. But this fantastic Thriller will give odds to "colleagues", after all it will be a question not of the hero, and of the villain! Eddie Brock was a promising journalist, who was expected to make brilliant achievements. However, instead of fame Eddie gets a series of troubles. First the guy gets fired from his job, and then he finds out he's dying. After learning the terrible diagnosis, Eddie thinks about suicide, blaming all the troubles spider-Man, through which he could get sick. A sudden salvation for the guy becomes a vein-a kind of alien creature that possessed the hero and, suspending the development of the disease, made him super strong. Venom, which promised to leave Human-a spider in alone, now can quietly bore him, turning it in enemy number one. Meanwhile, Dr. Carlton is trying to use the possessed Eddie venom for his own purposes.

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