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Some normal people become villains for various reasons. Eddie Brock was a successful journalist. For a number of reasons he hated Peter Parker, whom many know as spider-Man. Eddie lost his favorite job, and his family died in an accident. At this moment his body enters the space symbiote venom. This evil creature is a parasite in its host's body. When this venom is completely poisoned the brain of Brock. Prior to this, the symbiote tried to master Parker, but was expelled from his body.Now Eddie-venom have become in some extent United organism. This creature looks really disgusting. As told in the film "venom", the main purpose of the terrible villain to overthrow the honorary pedestal of spider-Man and destroy it. For this former journalist comes up with the most sophisticated techniques. Soon Brock got acquainted with beautiful woman Anne Veying. It turned out, that she, too, invaded Venom. Now Parker has several strong opponents who are extremely difficult to defeat. Maybe there's still a way to help these poor people get rid of the alien symbiotes.

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